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Wellness was a STORY we didn’t see coming, but almost didn’t want to let go. From weekend Pilates classes with Jared Kaplan to smoothie-making seminars, it became an organic moment to step back, take a deep breath, and really well, enjoy ourselves. But like all good stories, it had to come to an end. Our […]

Vitamix Tips To Take Home and Remix

This issue has taught us a lot – like why we should all grow green and how to be more mindful in our day-to-day lives. So we were thrilled when @Vitamix joined in, adding its powerful blend to the dialogue by asking you to tweet your wellness tips. Turns out we’ve all got a wealth […]

Health is Wealth: intenSati with Wendy Suzuki

Who: intenSati instructor Wendy Suzuki, who is known for active, high octane classes, which combine moves from kick-boxing, dance yoga and martial arts with positive spoken affirmations. What: To celebrate the end of Wellness, Wendy joins treats us to a transformational workout, designed to motivate you to live a life you love in a body […]

It's a PLAYdate! 3 Ways to Make Time for Play

Humans are among the few animals that CAN play as adults, yet when’s the last time you made time for it? This week, we’ve invited Cat Thompson, energy specialist and founder of Emotional Technologies, to help us make a date with play and discuss the importance of carving out time for yourself. To get you […]

Living Mindfully a Discussion with Mary Jo Kreitzer

Are you living mindfully? For many of us, the concept as it relates to wellness isn’t an easy one: Does it mean thinking more? Stressing less? Slowing down? This week, Mary Jo Kreitzer,  founder and director of the Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota, joins us to discuss the the link […]

How To: Work Out the Kinks with Jared Kaplan + Stephanie Whittier

In a perfect world every workout would end with a massage. So we asked Pilates instructor and Studio 26 co-founder, Jared Kaplan + Stephanie Whittier, founder of T Spheres aromatherapy massage balls to pair up and make our fitness fantasies a reality. Before they join us for a 2-part class pairing Pilates movements with soothing […]

Long STORY Short: T Salon Wellness Teas

Who: Miriam Novalle, a former perfumer, who after 25 years in the fragrance industry found her passion in tea production. Drawing on her discerning nose, she founded T Salon; a range of gourmet, hand-selected loose teas. What: Tea becomes a vehicle for wellness in the T Salon Wellness series, special blends designed to alleviate everything from […]

Indoor Planting 101 with Blondie's Treehouse

Who: The plant gurus at Blondie’s Treehouse who’ve created and maintained our lush living wall. What: Put your green thumbs up when these horticultural experts stop by to school us in the benefits of “growing” green and gardening in the city. From what to plant to how to keep it growing (in the smallest of […]

Warrior Pose: Yoga with Tara Stiles

Who: Tara Stiles is the yoga world’s resident girl on fire, founding StralaYoga, a movement-based system to cultivate a radiant body and mind and recently tapped by Reebok to design an exclusive collection. What: Why bend the rules when you can break them. We’re closing our doors to host yoga superstar Tara Stiles for an […]

Long STORY Short: Pre-Valentine's Day Edition

Who: Sisters Katie Hess and Lisa Reinhard, respective founders of Lotus Wei and Wei of Chocolate. What: This pair didn’t invent Cupid’s favorite couple – flowers and chocolate – but they have put a fresh, floral spin on it. Katie creating a unique line of floral infused elixirs, potions, and sprays, while Lisa tapped her […]

Moved by Love: Yoga with Kerri Kelly

Who: Kerri Kelly, Left Coast-based yoga catalyst and founder of Off the Mat, Into the World What: A special, in-store yoga workshop, connecting mind, body, and heart. It is a moment to explore love through movement, led by one of the most passionate proponents of personal empowerment. Why: Kerri lives the power of yoga to […]

Love Notes: Take a Heart Break at STORY

Who: Sisters Katie Hess founder of Lotus Wei, a line which harnesses the power of floral essences in sprays, elixirs, and serums and Lisa Reinhardt founder of Wei of Chocolate, organic floral-infused chocolates. What: An intimate conversation and interactive exploration led by Katie and Lisa, designed to celebrate woman’s well being and self-love. Start off […]

Savor the Moment: Yoga + Chocolate with David Romanelli

Who: David Romanelli, founder of Momenteer and author of  Livin’ in the Moment and the Momenteer Movement. What: It’s a treat-yourself moment when author and yogi David Romanelli joins us for the yoga and chocolate experience; a 45-minute class that goes from OM to yum, with samplings of Vosges Haut Chocolat. After all, life is […]

With the Grain: Quinoa + Wine Pairing with Daniel Cook

Who: YogaEarth founder Daniel Cook What: Take your palette on an adventure, led by YogaEarth founder, Daniel Cook; his own journey to promote mindful living taking him from wine-making in Argentina to fly-fishing in the Bahamas. Experience quinoa as you never have, with Daniel along as our guide to pairing this great grain with the […]


Who: Marcia Kilgore, Founder of FITFLOP Footwear What: FITFLOP SHUV™ an icon and cult favorite of dancers, artists, architects, and geeks (of all kinds,)is what happened when serial entrepreneur, Marcia Kilgore, took a stand for comfortable, well-designed footwear. Carefully fashioned from a single piece of ergonomically optimized Microwobbleboard™, its pure seamless design is a natural […]

Long Story Short: BETH MACRI

Who: Beth Macri What: Jewelry that looks super-simple but has a secret intricacy, designed to reveal a hidden message, which can be personalized to suit its wearer. Back STORY: The “hidden message” collection is what happened when structural engineer Beth Macri applied an architectural principle to jewelry design, creating pieces where something simple concealed something […]

Drink to Your Health: Smoothie-Making + Juicing with D'Vida Health Bar

Who: Mix-master Milena Kozhin, co-founder of  D’Vida health bar, a one-stop-shop for on-the-go nutrition. What: Learn the Vitamin A, Bs, and Cs of smoothie making from, Milena Kozhin, co-founder of D’Vida health bar. Get the blending basics and then press play on your own mash-up in a supercharged Vitamix 5200 blender, the choice blender of […]

A Talk With Dr. John Ratey: The Effect of Exercise on the Brain

Who: John Ratey, MD, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, and author of Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain  What: Dr. Ratey leads us in a discussion of the crucial link between exercise and the brain, offering a scientific rationale for getting up and getting moving. Why: In […]

Long STORY Short: Pillo1

Who: Dr. Raymond Hall What: Pillo1, a first-of-its kind, doctor-designed pillow which adapts to almost every sleeping position, offering superior comfort and support to reduce stress on the spine, shoulders, and neck. BackSTORY: The Pill01 is what happened when Dr. Hall realized many of his patient’s problems could be addressed at night. 36 prototypes and […]

Book Signing with Erin Moran McCormick

Who: Erin Moran McCormick, author of Year of Action: How to Stop Waiting and Start Living Your BIG, Fabulous Life. What: Join us for a discussion with Erin, who at 50 found herself sick and tired of being stressed. So she took a BIG, giant step and decided to start living the life she dreamed of; […]

Saturdays at Story: Yoga With Brian

Who: Brian Liem What: Yoga with Brian Why: Calling all posers, Saturdays in January STORY becomes a place to retreat yourself. Join Brian Liem of Yoga with Brian for a series of hour-long classes.  A practitioner of yoga and mediation for over 20-years and formerly a senior teacher and faculty member at NYCs oldest Vinyasa-yoga […]

An Evening with Agapi Stassinopoulos, author of Unbinding The Heart

Who: Agapi Stassinopoulos, author of Unbinding The Heart, with the support of Wello, an initiative to unleash a wave of well being. What: STORY explores wellness through an an intimate evening of storytelling and meditation led by Agapi Stassinopoulos, author of Unbinding The Heart. Take time to relax, raise a glass, and enjoy some healthful […]

Introducing: Wellness at STORY

Here at STORY we are all about change – so much that we completely change everything every 8-weeks to tell a new story. So inspired by the energy we feel in a new year, we devote our 8th issue to wellness. In partnership with Wello!, an innovative approach which invites individuals to put health and […]