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[LOOK] LightArt Illuminates Creativity at STORY

The brightest examples of creativity happen when you get hands on as we discovered when the founders of LightArt, a lighting and fabrication studio based in Seattle joined us to lead an Ignite/Create workshop.

[READ] Five Stories to Link About

From fresh fixtures to the start-up that’s going to change how you shop for indie brands, here’s five stories to link about.

[READ] Bright Bet: Warby Parker X Cooper Hewitt

This month, the Cooper Hewitt has sets its sights on a new type of frame, teaming with innovative eyewear maker, Warby Parker to create glasses for the modern creative.

[OWN] Wooden Artistry Meets Tech in Oree’s Keyboards

Materials have the power to transform objects from purely functional to something more inspiring. Case in point, Oree, which takes an an artisan approach to quintessential pieces of technology.

[OWN] Getting A Little Color: Bright Summer Finds for Kids

Welcome to summer – have some little ones with big time imaginations and some time on their hands? Creativity has everything you need to keep your kiddo busy – from crafting kits to cool and colorful headphones. Read on for your summer to-do list.

[OWN] Bright Bet: Le Roar’s Chic Pet Accessories

Pup’s playthings not exactly a design lover’s best friend? Le Roar, a newly launched collection of cute and colorful pet accessories, might just have created the first-ever stylish squeaky toy.

[WATCH] Milan Design Week: The Journey that Inspired Creativity STORY

This year, STORY founder Rachel Shechtman was able to travel with Lexus to Milan to participate in their exhibition, “A Journey of the Senses” and see first hand how this year’s crop of designers explored the senses through original work. Watch the journey for yourself.

[READ] Contributors: Meet The Collaborators Behind Creativity

It took a team of creators to bring this STORY to life and transform our store into an exhibition-inspired space that effectively showcased inventions from the Lexus Design Award. Inspired by our magazine-like model, meet Creativity’s contributors.

[READ] Our New STORY Is…Creativity

Creativity comes to life through an immersive experience featuring inspiring examples of forward-thinking from around the world. Your most creative summer starts now.

[READ] Lighten Up: Making the STORY Wall with Sachem Arvidson

or Creativity we collaborated with LED artist Sachem Arvidson to create a custom LED wall that playfully engaged the creative in all of us. Here he shares what creativity means to him and how be brought the STORY to light.

[OWN] Far from Ordinary: The Power of Japanese Craftsmanship

Determined to combine modern aesthetics and traditional craftsmanship, the next generation of Japanese designers look to old world techniques and enduring materials to create distinctive objects for everyday use. Ahead, five objects the encapsulate the intersect.