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Meet Quirky's Coolest Inventor

Where do you keep your ideas?, the inventor behind Quirky’s smart A/C says he kept his in a shoe box. “I did not have the funding to move forward.” But after reaching a breaking point with his dysfunctional air conditioner, he decided to take one of his coolest ideas out of the box and submit it to Quirky. “The […]

STORY Picks: Style Staples from Norma Kamali

If ever there was a season for designer, this is it. This being the imprecise time between the climax of summer and the start of fall. It’s the time when you’re not sure if the heat is coming or going and getting dressed is less a labor of love and more just laborious. Norma gets transitional dressing, with […]

What's Shaken: Sel Magique Margarita

Since it’s never too early to start searching for that lost shaker of salt, here’s something to help you hang on until Friday gets here.

Creating Cool STORY With Home Depot

Check out this video for a behind the scenes look at how it all went down – and you haven’t yet stop by to see something cool – collaboration in action.

Happening at STORY: Do Cool Sh*T Mini Bootcamp

Join us Monday August 11, when author Miki Agrawal spends a couple of hours talking about her personal journey and offers practical steps to starting your own.

STORY Picks: These Cute Candles Will Charm Them

Scents range from earthy – Tie Dye – to to beachy – Surfshack – and the charms from sparkly and stackable to stunning (valued at 10K.) Here they share the cool story behind their charming collection.

Hunting Down Cool With Josh Rubin

Join us August 12 when Josh Rubin, founder of Cool Hunting, the award winning digital publication, discusses the ever-changing zeitgeist and how the constantly shifting definition of cool plays out on the cultural landscape.

In Brief: STORY Picks Basics For Him + Her

Welcome to STORY Picks, an ongoing snapshot of the curated merchandise we’ve got in-store and the summary of why it made our shortlist – and should be on yours. Here: basics for him and her.

Say Squeeze With In the Seam's Pillows

Want to really hold on to your memories from NYC? In The Seam maker Ronda Smith gets it and created a collection of handmade pillows that turn her photographs into works of couch art

How One Night In Bangkok Inspired These Shirts

For Bryan Davis, founder of Teddy Stratford a run in with the Royal Thai Police in Bangkok was to become the inspiration for an entirely new type of men’s shirt.

Cool Over Ice: The Buzzed Lebowski

In our “What’s Shaken” series, we shake things up and ask mixologists to share a story (ahem cocktail.) As if you needed an excuse to break into the liquor cabinet mid-week…

3 Cool (not to be missed) Details In Our STORY!

Since we all agree: there’s nothing cool about arriving late or under-dressed, we’ve pulled together 3 of the details you’ll need to do as little as possible without looking like a hot mess.

The Coolest Way to Press Play

Meet the founder of Brand New Noise, a line of handcrafted recorders designed to inspire us to do more than press play.

Get in the DIY Spirits With Hella Bitter

Hella Bitter,  the Brooklyn based brand of cocktail complements, is always a few steps ahead: They were one of the first to hit on the artisan cocktail revival, producing and distributing a line of small batch bitters. And now their latest product, a bitter making kit, taps into the DIY movement and empowers you craft […]

4 Baby Shower Gifts For Cool Moms to Be

Have a few summer showers in your future? Here’s how to spend a little less time baby gift shopping and more time at the beach. Open up and say “awww” Spuni: The latest and littlest innovation in spoons, the Spuni spoon’s ergonomic design comes care of two MIT grads who were fed up with messy […]

Look Cool, Suit Up With ONIA

Summer in New York means one thing: getting out of the city. For stylish gents wary of excess baggage, ONIA’s trunks offer a coolly versatile alternative to blase board shorts. With a highly intricate design process that considers form and function, founder Nathan Romero says the forward-thinking line strives to provide options suited for on-and-off […]

Make Your Kid a Happy Summer Camper

Holy go-to-camp shopping list. From the basics like sunscreen to sunglasses with serious swagger, here’s how to make your little one’s departure as smooth as the cocktail you’ll be enjoying once the bus pulls away. Sons + Daughters Eyewear: Eye-catching sunglasses that the big kids will approve of. The premium sunnies are handmade from acetate […]

4 Shore Bets For Your Beach Bag

Before you swap the sneakers for flops, make sure you’ve got these stay-cool, look-cool items in your beach bag. Because beach bags are better when they’re packing cool. Quirky Shake Tote: Hurricane sandy doesn’t need to happen every time you leave the beach.  Quirky’s inventive tote keeps your beach swag in and the sand where […]

How One NYC Designer Plays It Cool Girl

A mash-up of geometry and stone, Cynthia Rybakoff’s jewels have a vintage-meets-modern vibe that’s a little Ziggy Stardust with a heavy dose of downtown cool. Read on for this designer’s bewitching inspiration…

4 All American BBQ Essentials

Get out there and do what comes American – from skewering and marinating to good old fashioned grilling. Here’s what you’ll need to make it happen.

3 Beauty Products For Looking Pretty Cool

From packable perfumes to bath bubbles with a distinct “scents” of humor. Read on for the perfect beauty counter for muggy summer day

3 Mixology Essentials For Make Chill Happen

Summer vibes go hand in hand with gin, rum, tequila, beer. In other words, just about everything that’s drinkable. That means: you’ve got to be ready to hop behind the bar whenever 5 o’clock strikes somewhere. With that in mind, we’ve curated a few essentials to mix into your mixologist tool kit. When heat strikes, […]

Bijou Factory Throws an Arm Party in a Box

The one party you’re going to want to make this summer? The arm party being thrown by crafty-cool friendship bracelet kit maker, Bijou Factory. A Pitch Night discovery, the basic idea is that DIY doesn’t have to look like a craft project and that with the right materials and a little know-how anyone can create […]

Now Serving: Grady's Cold Brew!

What’s cooler than iced coffee? Grady’s Cold Brew, Brooklyn-brewed and bottled iced coffee concentrate. We’re serving it throughout COOL STORY, single servings as well as take-home bottles.

Learn to Pair Craft Beer with Ice Cream

Craft beer and ice cream….Our first thought: yes. Second thought: why haven’t we tried this before? Cue Stef Ferrari, founder of craft ice-cream upstart Hay Rosie.

How Creator of JIX Makes Straws Really Cool

Jix creator Patrick Martinez shares the story behind his installation at STORY and why cool things happen when you realize the tools to be creative are at your fingertips.