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You Need to Know Katie Kimmel, the Ceramist that Has us LOL-ing

We kind of wish we could live in Katie Kimmel’s world 24/7. The multi-hyphenate artist is fond of food with faces, adorable dogs and dealing with adulting though oh-so-relatable doodles.  Lucky for us, her sense of humor runs wild on everything she touches, from vivid illustrations to quotable clothing designs and quirky cute ceramics. Her capsule collection of signature ceramics and exclusive ‘Good Grief’ sweatshirt are just calling out to come home with us. We talked to her about finding inspiration in unexpected places, the power of fettuccine alfredo and making art in the Mojave Desert.

As an artist working across different mediums, how do you define originality? 

My buisness is just me. It is hard to answer this question without turning it into a therapy session. I try to not get in the way of myself.

What are three things that makes you and your pieces original? 

I individually make every piece, humor, and…the molding piece of baklava thats been in my car for 5 months

Creativity is a grind, how do you keep it original? 

I eat a different thing for lunch every day.
What’s one piece of advice for creatives? 
Be SO CREATIVE!!!!!!!!