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This is How Vans Artist Todd Francis Stays Original, Flips the Bird at Copycats

It’s impossible to look away from the work of LA-based artist Todd Francis. With his knack for provocation through subjects like pigeons, bums, eagles, and vengeful nature, he’s carved out a niche in the skate-art world that part social commentary part memorable skateboard graphics for brands like Antihero. On September 20th, Todd joins us at our in-store Vans art studio to customize sneakers on site (RSVP here).  Here he shares how he defines originality…
How do you define originality in six words or less?
Don’t just rip other people off.
What projects are we going to be tackling at How Original? 
 I’m going to be hanging out with some fun people and getting loose with pens and paint turning some blank Vans into something good.
What’s on your DIY to do list?
A lot. A big charcoal commission I need to finish, a stack of new paintings I need to do for an upcoming art show, gotta come up with some more ideas for new Antihero board graphics, plus I want to make a big pot of soup that’ll last me a couple days. Great, your question now has me stressing out.
Where do you find inspiration for your projects?
The newspaper, the ocean, and the homeless encampment at my favorite beach.
Most original piece of advice you’ve received? 
 “We’ve already done that, lets do something new.”   (Julien Stranger, founder of Antihero)
Here’s the details for Todd’s event…
When: September 20th, 6:30-8:00pm