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Extra Extra: These Three Ceramics Makers Prove Home is Where the Art Is

Choose your own art-venture with ceramics that express your personal style. From Wyatt Little’s throwback sneaker vases to Brooke Winfrey’s speckled species, these artists prove home is where the art is.

If You Have a Heart for the 90s

VHS tapes, oversize cellphones, and PCs. Wyatt Little takes an unorthodox approach to designing new objects, starting with nostalgia for things from his past. The result: artifact as art and a series of collectible throwbacks that nod to the 90s.

If You Have a Heart for Ugly-Cute Dogs 

Can’t stand a vase that’s also a wallflower? Enter Katie Kimmel, the L.A. based artist behind our favorite ceramics. Inspired by her confused dog Pony Kimmel the handmade vases serve the type of tongue and cheekiness we can’t get enough of. Doggone obsession-worthy.

If You Have a Heart for Jackson Pollock

Artist Brooke Winfrey turns her love of experimenting and doodling into a line of hand-printed, hand thrown ceramics. Best described as refined and spasmodic, playful, splatter-painted pieces feel like they’ve been made just for you.