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Extra Extra Our New STORY is…How Original

Originality. It used to be so black and white. But good grief, today we rip, mix, and re-make. Does that make us extra-extra original? How? That’s the question we set out to put on newspaper by teaming with The Peanuts Global Artist Collective to tell our latest STORY…How Original. Open thru October 7th we’re blurring high art and hype culture into a retail experience that celebrates radical self-expression in an age of remixes and reboots. Limited-edition, artist-led drops and expression-centered merchandise moments incorporate the timeless wit and relatability of Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the rest of Charles Schulz’s Peanuts gang to show and tell how originals continue to make and remake culture through their own lens.

Who’s in on the remix?  The store experience features new editions of original works from the Peanuts Global Artist Collective, an unprecedented, worldwide arts initiative that engaged seven contemporary artists to blend Schulz’s signature hand-drawn vision with their own individual styles and mediums. The initiative launched with larger-than-life murals created by artists Andre Saraiva x Mr. AAVAF, FriendsWithYou,  Nina Chanel Abney, Tomokazu Matsuyama, Rob Pruitt, and Kenny Scharf and displayed in unexpected street locations in New York, San Francisco, Paris, Berlin, Mexico City, Tokyo, and Seoul. 

Inspired? We were. So this fall it’s all about collaborations and creativity. Headliners of the experience including Champion, PinTrill, Herschel, Away, and Corkcicle reimagine the art as apparel, accessories, and collectibles, creating a way for Peanuts fans and art lovers alike to participate in the global event.

The roster of creative risk takers is rounded out by a crop of expression-empowering brands and artists. Vans contributes a DIY studio where you can customize a pair of skate shoes on site. Independent brands like Prinkshop and artist Katie Kimmel serve up politicized statement tees and pooch-friendly pottery respectively. Guests will also discover a as well as six weeks of events that center on self-expression and originality, including crafting sessions with Jessica Marquez of Miniature Rhino, the return of STORY’s signature Pitch Night, a kid-centered DIY event with Rockets of Awesome and more. 

Cop a drop, snoop around, and give yourself permission to discover how to copy less and be your most original you.