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The Future is Nuts: Follow Your Sign to Your Astrologically Aligned Must-Have

Here’s some news you can use: your future looks good. Like, extra good. We consulted the stars to see what’s in store…


Push yourself outward onto the dirt or pavement. Now is the time to move ahead, with a bold sense of what you desire. You’ll notice it’s easy to get where you’re going when you have both hands free to steady yourself against currents of change. So put your hopes on your back, connect with your creative projects and generate something new.

Lucky Charm: Herschel Backpack 


It’s hard to remember to be sweet to yourself when it feels like there’s so much to do. But no one is going to do it for you. You deserve all of the gifts the world has to give, but you have to be ready to receive them. Treat yourself with kindness and watch how things shift. Now is the time to open yourself to sweetness.

Lucky Charm: Sugarfina Bento Bo


Time is all about perspective. Are you paying attention to the details or getting lost in the big picture? Place your focus on the things that matter and you’ll find the clock looks a lot different. The minutes will still tick by, but you’ll be too busy living colorfully to watch.

Lucky Charm: Bamford Watch Department watch


You’ve been staring at a blank page, wondering when inspiration will strike. Newsflash, every masterpiece has to start somewhere. Making a mess is a reminder that you can also put things back in order. Sometimes all it takes is the courage to fill in the blank spaces with wonder.

Lucky Charm: Denik Journal 


Right now you’re discovering that it’s not always about being the loudest in the room. A certain softness can make its own statement. Appreciate this moment of effortless in areas surrounding self-expression. Ideas must make their way into the material world, but instead of forcing it, consider being a little more laid back.

Lucky Charm: Champion Sweatshirt 


You’re ready to take the first step. So why haven’t you? It’s easy to get so overwhelmed by the options that you lose sight of the things you love. Remember that a mistake is no longer a mistake if you learn something from it. You’ll find your footing by being true to yourself.

Lucky Charm: Customized Vans 


Becoming aware of your true colors takes craft. In this moment, you must use both hands to choose how you want to show up in the world. Remember it’s easy to play it safe and much harder to be on the other side of the spectrum. You are meant to shine, it’s time to go boldly.

Lucky Charm: I Made That Bag pouch


You’ll be feeling restless and in need of a change of scenery right now. Why fight it? Embrace your wanderlust and explore the parts of yourself that crave an escape from the ordinary. But remember to pack light – no one likes to be held down by your baggage.

Lucky Charm: Away Dopp Kit 


Unwillingness to change can lead you to feel stuck. It’s time to peel back those layers and ask yourself where the resistance comes from. You’ll notice that when you begin to embrace your fickle tendencies and replace what’s on the outside, it allows space for a bolder perspective.

Lucky Charm: Chasing Paper peel and stick wallpaper 


Nobody will know what you stand for, unless you put it out there. You’re acutely aware of a desire to change things – one bold move at a time. Embrace courage in all of its forms. People might not be ready for the message you’re sending, and that’s why you need to wear it loud and proud.

Lucky Charm: PrinkShop graphic tee 


Your thoughts can be hard to pin down right now. But it’s okay to let your mind wander towards puffy little clouds every once in a while. Make friends with your imagination and let it carry you to places beyond the ordinary, filled with beauty, love and practical magic.

Lucky Charm: PinTrill X FriendsWithYou pins